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SmartForms – Interactive document content and form creation tools.

SmartForms allow you to instantly create interactive fillable forms, add info-links, drop-down options, collect external attachments with ID-SnapShot and text data from any Word or PDF document. In addition, you can add SecureSign eSignature fields and securely send all documents to recipients using SecureCode two factor authentication.


Interactive SmartForms make it easier for recipients to complete online applications and return information online, faster. You can also request external attachments to be uploaded or photographically captured via a Smartphone, Tablet or PC as well as insert info-links to any document or form, helping to improve information efficiency.

  • Complete and return forms online faster.
  • Add eSignature and dropdown fields.
  • Request ID–SnapShot and attachment
  • Insert info–links into Word/PDF forms
  • Extract text data in XML & JSON format


Risk Management & Audit Trail


SMS Dual Authentication System

With businesses looking to provide a more secure, convenient and compliant service for their customers, Sinerix can provide the right data protection, security and management tools to help integrate and speed up everyday document workflow. With SecureCode, SmartData and our built in Anti-Tamper technology, Sinerix can help reduce unnecessary risks when sending sensitive and
confidential data to an unknown recipient.

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