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ID-Capture – Remote ID document scanning with photo capture

iD-Capture may be used as part of any KYC or AML checking procedure, instantly capturing photo Identity documents (Passport, Driver’s Licence or Identity Card) and address information from any remote operating device with built-in camera or access to pre-scanned ID document files.


iD-Capture allow both direct ID document and proof of address uploads or remote camera capture to be scanned and converted into a PDF. Advanced OCR checks can be carried out in order to validate the ID information for further validation and face recognition checks.

  • Remote Photo ID checking
  • Anti-spoofing technology
  • Yes / No decisions
  • 4000 globally recognised document types
  • Anti-fraud detection
  • Proof of address photo SnapShot
  • FaceMatch**


Risk Management & Audit Trail


SMS Dual Authentication System

With businesses looking to provide a more secure, convenient and compliant service for their customers, Sinerix can provide the right data protection, security and management tools to help integrate and speed up everyday document workflow. With SecureCode, SmartData and our built in Anti-Tamper technology, Sinerix can help reduce unnecessary risks when sending sensitive and
confidential data to an unknown recipient.

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