News: FaceMatch and ID-Capture now available with Business-Pro.

Intelligent digital on-boarding technology
with real time ID verification



Sign documents from any device



Complete forms online faster



Identify clients in real time

Sinerix provides an advanced digital on-boarding platform with eSignature authentication, form completion
and real-time Identity verification technology for professional and compliance led business.

Build Sinerix applications into your everyday
digital on–boarding workflow

Small Business


Login from any desktop
24/7 365

Medium/Large Business


Get connected instantly

Large/Enterprise Business


Co–hosted systems and
bespoke applications

Discover how Sinerix-SecureSign can help speed up document workflow

With Sinerix-SecureSign, clients can instantly complete, sign and exchange sensitive & time critical documents online in minutes from any internet enabled device. All transactions are managed to ensure prompt delivery and completion of all documents & forms to and from recipients.

Knowledge based digital signatures & recipient SecureCode authentication

Digital transactions are authenticated by recipients confirming knowledge-based information and entering a unique SMS SecureCode into their home, office or remote working device. When completed, a PDF copy of the transaction is delivered together with a time stamped audit trail and geo-location confirmation.

Reduce administration time and make substantial costs savings

We have a great range of platform options designed for you and your customers convenience and help reduce unnecessary administration time, paper, print and post costs. No matter what size of business, you can enjoy even more savings and price discounts at any time whenever your transaction usage is increased.

Manage transactions, set notifications and confirm geo-location

Managing your eSignature, digital document workflow and ID identification* processes is easy. With 24/7 access to the Sinerix dashboard, you can instantly view current activity, create and set up client notifications. * Additional Terms & Conditions Apply

Real–time ID verification technology

As part of our compliance led ID verification and KYC solutions, we have created a range of add-in applications that integrate and work in conjunction with any eSignature and form completion
transaction. SmartCheck-ID incorporates a powerful optical character reader (OCR) and
biometric facial recognition software with anti-tamper and anti-spoofing technology.

Driving Licence

ID Face Match

Document Inspect

We’ve added more great features to help you and your clients

Our aim is to provide our clients with right systems and tools to make any digital transaction or client on-boarding journey as simple and as safe as possible. That’s why we’ve added additional feature that may be used to
provide an additional level of security and convenience to you and your clients.


Add your own SecureSign client login area to your business website


Add up to three business brand URL’s and logo’s to your account


Add responsive and high resolution SmartForms to your document library

All-inclusive price plans with no hidden charges!

We’ve made it even easier and more affordable for any business to go paper free. Our price plans are straight forward and give you the freedom to use exactly what you want, with as many users as you want.


Single User


Price per month when
billed annually (Excl. VAT)

  • Includes 150 eSignature credits

Free Trial


Up to 3 users Included


Price per month when
billed annually (Excl. VAT)

  • Includes 350 eSignature credits
  • Create & send fillable forms

Free Trial

Best Deal


Unlimited Users


Price per month when
billed annually (Excl. VAT)

  • Includes 500 eSignature credits
  • Add more eSignature credits
  • Create & send fillable forms

Free Trial


Unlimited Users


Price per month when
billed annually (Excl. VAT)

  • Includes 1000 eSignature credits
  • Add more eSignature credits
  • Create & send fillable forms
  • Add KYC / ID Verification*
  • Bespoke Applications*
  • *Additional Terms Apply

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Are eSignatures accepted in law?

Is ID validation technology accepted?

Absolutely, yes! A contract or agreement electronically signed and exchanged via the Sinerix-SecureSign portal may be admissible and used as evidence in a court of law. The latest eIDAS regulations (electronic signature laws within the UK and the European Union) relating to electronic identification and verification processes across EU member states, are strictly adhered to by Sinerix-SecureSign at all times. For more information go to: eIDAS Regulations

Yes. IDVT has been recognised as an acceptable and valid process to assist businesses to quickly identify and verify that an individual is who they say they are. Our remote working ID document capture and facial recognition technology has been developed as part of the client on-boarding process and “ fast track” important identity data for compliance and decision making. For more information go to: IDVT Guidance

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