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SecureSign – eSignatures with SecureCode client authentication

SecureSign is a powerful and versatile electronic signature, form completion and document management application with built-in dual authentication and optional KYC management tools, making it easier and faster to identify clients when sending and receiving sensitive and time critical documents from any internet enabled desktop, tablet or smartphone device, 24/7.


With many inclusive features, SecureSign delivers a more convenient paper free solution, eliminating the need to print, post, scan or fax documents. Recipients can easily complete and sign online from any internet enabled desktop, tablet or smartphone device, safe in the knowledge that their transaction is digitally secured, tracked and issued with a validated completion certificate.

  • Send and sign multiple documents
  • SMS dual authentication
  • Save time and money
  • No paper, no print and no post
  • Convenient on-premise or remote use
  • Legally accepted & enforceable
  • Data protection & signor controls
  • Automated notifications & reminders
  • Time stamped audit trail
  • Built in anti-tamper technology


Risk Management & Audit Trail


SMS Dual Authentication System

With businesses looking to provide a more secure, convenient and compliant service for their customers, Sinerix can provide the right data protection, security and management tools to help integrate and speed up everyday document workflow. With SecureCode, SmartData and our built in Anti-Tamper technology, Sinerix can help reduce unnecessary risks when sending sensitive and
confidential data to an unknown recipient.

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Create and send interactive fillable forms.

Why use SmartForms?

SmartForms allow you to instantly create interactive fillable forms, add info-links, drop-down options, collect external attachments with ID-SnapShot and text data from any Word or PDF document. In addition, you can add SecureSign eSignature fields and securely send all documents to recipients using SecureCode two factor authentication.



Interactive SmartForms make it easier for recipients to complete online applications and return information online, faster. You can also request external attachments to be uploaded or photographically captured via a Smartphone, Tablet or PC as well as insert info-links to any document or form, helping to improve information efficiency.


  • Complete and return forms online faster.
  • Add eSignature and dropdown fields.
  • Request ID–SnapShot and attachment
  • Insert info–links into Word/PDF forms
  • Extract text data in XML & JSON format

Remote iD-capture with photo SnapShot.

Why use iD–Capture?

iD-Capture may be used as part of any KYC or AML checking procedure, instantly capturing photo Identity documents (Passport, Driver’s Licence or Identity Card) and address information from any remote operating device with built-in camera or access to pre-scanned ID document files.



iD-Capture allow both direct ID document and proof of address uploads or remote camera capture to be scanned and converted into a PDF. Advanced OCR checks can be carried out in order to validate the ID information for further validation and face recognition checks.


  • Remote Photo ID checking
  • Anti-spoofing technology
  • Yes / No decisions
  • 4000 globally recognised document types
  • Anti-fraud detection
  • Proof of address photo SnapShot
  • FaceMatch**
**FaceMatch optional and available upon request. Terms & Conditions Apply.

Face recognition and iD verification, in real time.

Why use FaceMatch?

Individuals can be positively identified and linked to an ID document or transaction in real-time via our biometric face recognition software. FaceMatch (Face Recognition Technology) can access the photographic data contained within the photo ID document and both validate and compare the photo ID document image against the “live” image.



FaceMatch provides the user with the ability to truly identify the person they are dealing with, remotely, in real-time. The ID document holder is prompted to use their Desktop, tablet or Smartphone device camera in order for both the photo capture process and anti-spoofing technology to be activated for verification and completion.


  • Real-time face ID capture
  • Reliable anti-spoof technology
  • Yes or No results
  • Anti-fraud alert
  • PDF of ID photo SnapShot
  • FaceMatch report
  • SmartData certificate
* iD-Capture and **FaceMatch optional and available upon request. Terms & Conditions Apply.

Advanced KYC/AML business and personal database checking.

Why use SmartCheck?

With automation at the heart of today’s fast-moving businesses, SmartCheck provides a key role. Establishing and compiling essential and compliance led information, (including Sanctions and Politically Exposed Person (PEP) checks), against individuals linked to any onboarding processes. SmartCheck also provides an automated Sanctions & PEP update service, giving you instant reports on any change in a client’s status, for any length of time necessary or as requested.



SmartCheck provides a seamless, secure and more efficient way to obtain up to date information and identity verification data on an individual linked to any given address. You can also receive commercial information in order to confirm and linked company directorship details.


  • Automated personal data requests
  • Company director checks
  • Automated Sanctions/PEP checks
  • GDPR compliant Yes/No results
  • Anti-Fraud alerts & notifications
  • SmartData certification