3 quick and simple steps to complete business, online.


Send Documents

Document Signed

Request eSignature

ID Face Match

Verify ID Face Match*

* ID Face Match verification optional. Terms & Conditions apply.

Sinerix eSignature and ID Face Match application,
for Microsoft Office Word 365.

Add eSignatures, activate SecureCode-SMS dual authentication and request ID Face Match verification, directly from Microsoft Word/Office 365

Man on laptop

(*Advanced ID verification systems available, subject to terms and ICO approval.)

Why choose Sinerix


Create, send and sign documents securely and quickly. Avoid lengthy and costly delays to getting documents signed.


Designed with you in mind, simply download our app to Microsoft Word or pdf maker and we’ll do the hard work for you.


Sinerix provides added security with ID verification and secondary authentication for each individual transaction.


E-signatures are now a globally recognised and trusted way to get documents legally signed online.